Bluebell Railway Terrier gala – more details

Further details have been released of the Terrier gala taking place at the Bluebell Railway from 29 to 31 July 2022 to celebrate the 150th birthday of ‘Fenchurch’.

The Bluebell’s announcement states that this will be an enthusiast and family-friendly affair to celebrate the small, but mighty A1, or Terrier Class. It continues:

‘Over the weekend we hope to feature special guest engines, but the big celebration will be to see ‘Fenchurch’ back out and steaming along the rails where she belongs!

‘The Bluebell Railway is home to Terrier ‘Fenchurch’, currently in overhaul and expected to feature in the gala. We can’t wait to see if ‘Fenchurch’ will be wearing the smart brown livery it last wore and the number 672 when it emerges from the locomotive works or the Stroudley Improved Engine Green livery (a sort of yellow ochre) and the number 72.

‘Terrier No. 55, ‘Stepney’, is currently in pride of place in SteamWorks! the interactive learning zone in the running shed at Sheffield Park. Here you can step onto his footplate and imagine what it was like to be a fireman or driver back in the Victorian times. ‘Stepney’ starred in his own Thomas the Tank Engine story – Stepney the “Bluebell” Engine written by the Rev. W. Awdry.’

You can find current details of the gala and book tickets here.

A online record of the overhaul of ‘Fenchurch’ is kept here. At the time of writing the latest update is from mid-March 2022, showing the boiler being rolled over – upside down and then to the side – to allow for trial-fitting of components and testing.

The current schedule of events where you can see Terriers running in 2022 is here.

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